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Paw_cosm in VR

Paw_cosm  is a fictional narrative set in a digital space. The digital realm allows us to not consider the natural laws of physics. Teleportation is easily possible.  Paw_cosm in VR is a game of 3D spaces that was converted from 2D drawings.  Teleportation in the game from space to space was made possible through scripting. This was allowed using tags on doors, just like it is viewed on Instagram.  Using the Htc vive it was possible to create an immersive experience for the user in VR. The event was hosted at a local gallery/Cafe Sugar Mama as a part of the closing event for the exhibition of Paw_cosm in Frankfurt. 

Paw_cosm at TIFA


at Cafe Sugar Mama

Complete set of Illustrations and graphic novel was exhibited at a local gallery/cafe: Cafe SugarMama in Frankfurt. The artworks took over the complete cafe space. The exhibition ended with an interactive event where the project was converted to 3D spaces in Virtual Reality that could be experienced by the Public: Paw_cosm in VR