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Infinite Patterns

Artificial Intelligence

Using Artificial Intelligence to create images.

Blonde_Blotch Deepdreaming.
Experimenting with Infinite Patterns. Generating dream-like, hallucinogenic, hyper-processed images.

Pinar Demirdag and Viola Renate, also known as Pinar&Viola, are a digital artist duo. Their visual practice sits between art, design & fashion, combining digital painting, photography and netspeak to create surprising visions of the future.

Google’s Alexander Mordvintsev is the creator of DeepDream, a computer vision program that uses a neural network to find and create patterns in images. The end result often leads to dream-like, hallucinogenic, hyper-processed images.

The idea for Infinite Patterns came from a trip to the Google Arts & Culture Lab in Paris, where Pinar&Viola saw images created by DeepDream first hand – and noticed similarities between the neural network’s creations and their own body of work. Noticing an opportunity for collaboration, “it felt as if all we have ever done in our career was done to bring us here,” said the artists.

In December 2018, Pinar&Viola joined the lab as artists-in-residence, where they were able to work with Alex in the creation of new work. Alex created a tool for the artists, allowing them to create infinite patterns with DeepDream. First, the artists curated a selection of pictures, which were fed into the neural nets tool to extract inspiring patterns. Next, they combined these ML patterns with the original images to create the final designs.