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Digital Playground Festival

Curator at TIFA Working Studios

Welcome to the digital age. 

Whether in science, entertainment industry, technology or arts, it will soon become impossible to imagine life without digital and it is effectively changing many areas of our everyday lives. The real and the virtual world are increasingly entering into a dialogue and starting to merge with each other.  Do we see this digital technology as an antagonist or an alter ego? Do we see our future in a dystopian or utopian setting? Digital Playground is the perfect projection surface upon which to consider the images of human beings and worldview that are widespread in this Digital and New Media Age today.

What is New Media Art? “New media art is, broadly, art that is made using electronic media technology and that displays any or all of the three behaviours of interactivity, connectivity, and computability in any combination.” — Beryl Graham and Sarah Cook, Rethinking Curating. Art after New Media (2010).

As Marcel Duchamp stated in 1957, “All in all, the creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualification and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.” 

The idea is to confront the participants, the audience, with the reasonability of life in a satire in the form of rehearsal chaos, it is not important what they think, but instead what they take from the processes or image of themselves. The installations presented in the exhibition aim to communicate the potential for design by the user into an artistic context that visitors to emancipate themselves and become part of the artworks. 

Curated by Anokhi Shah & TIFA Working Studios


The festival calls to bring together a range of artists, filmmakers, architects, designers, engineers, coders, musicians, and game developers, all of whom are using digital media to push the boundaries of their field. The show also looks to the future and considers the impact of creative coding, DIY and maker-culture, digital communities and the creative possibilities offered by immersive realities (VR/AR/MR), photogrammetry, artificial intelligence, machine learning, creative coding, wearable technologies, and 3D printing.

Invited artists will examine the new conditions of human perception and identities in relation to technically constructed realities.

The exhibition poses questions about the basic conditions of digital perception today and how we construct our own conception of reality out of them. Technological systems are connecting people, data, and processes more and more closely together. Immersive technologies will increasingly replace analogue surroundings with virtual data rooms, therefore radically changing the way that we interact socially, work, play and how we organise our free time. It focuses on perception and interpretation as human qualities, a kind of thought experiment that would emerge for the audience, raising questions about the intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic implications of artificial visual worlds. This development brings us an up-close-and-personal encounter with fundamental questions of our own identity and existence.

We accept performances, documentary video and fiction, text, 3D objects, net sculptures and installations, web archives, apps, XR and any other experimental digital mediums. Projects under: creative coding, VR/AR/MR,  photogrammetry, artificial intelligence, machine learning, creative coding, wearable technologies, and 3D printing and workshops. 

Preference will be given to formats that consider the accessibility of its users who may range in age, race, gender, and ability. 

Creative: Collaboration between Shashrvacai and Blonde_Blotch